Bottom line up front, if you want to obtain a win/loss statement that summarizes your betting activity in 2022, make sure to use the EQC Players Club card to place your bets. The EQC Players Club introduced a commemorative card with the opening of the Sportsbook, giving bettors their own identity.

new Savvy Card is sleek, practical, and comes with a few perks. For current EQC Players Club members, the Savvy Card can be used to earn points at table games or slots just like their other card; think of it as the same card with a new look.

For guests who visit EQC solely for sports betting, the Savvy Card benefits you in the following ways: it records your transactions and helps to reinforce your wagering logs so you have a complete betting picture at the end of the year. If you ever lose your bet ticket, you will have a much easier time filing a claim for a lost ticket because a history of your betting transactions will be available.

For the time being, points are not earned on sports bets, but when loyalty programs become available, your offers will be based on historical data, so it’s a good idea to start writing your history now. You will also be able to take advantage of the card’s perks, such as dining and retail discounts and participation in free kiosk promotions. It’s savvy to wager with your card.