Spanish 21 is very similar to standard Blackjack with the following exceptions, the Bonus 21 Payouts & the match the Dealer bet.


The Game will be played with 6 decks. The only excewption to the standard deck is that all number "10" cards & jokers are removed.


Players may place two separate "Match the Dealer" bets. One bet is to match the dealer's up card and the other to match the dealer's down card. The player must make an up card match bet to be allowed to make a down card match bet. The up card bet doesn't have to be the same as the down card bet.


Players can double down once on 2 or more cards, including after splitting.


Players can split cards for equal value including Aces up to three times, creating four hands. When splitting, Aces are treated like any other card. Hitting & doubling down of split hands, includingf Aces is allowed.


Players Blackjack always beats a dealer Blackjack & is paid 3 to 2.


Player total of 21 always beats a dealer of 21. Certain player 21 totals result in a Bonus 21 Payout as noted below.


Dealer checks under Ace or Face card for Blackjack. Early surrender (before peek) is not permitted. Surrender of first two cards is allowed. Surrender allows the player to forfeit the wager & drop from the hand. Player cannot surrender the dealer's hand when the dealer's hand is a blackjack.


The dealer will hit on "soft 17" & stand on all other totals of 17.


The Super Bonus payout requires no special or side bet. When a player's first three cards are suited 7's & the dealer's up card is any 7, that play wins $1000 Super Bonus when a $5 minimum bet is being played , or $5,000 Super Bonus when a $25 minimum bet is played. All other betting players receive a $50 Envy Bonus


Bonuses are not paid on doubled hands. Players holding the following hands totaling 21 who have no doubled down are paid a Bonus 21 Payout as follows:



Pay Table



5 card 21 | 3 to 2

6 card 21 | 2 to 1

7 card 21 | 3 to 1

6-7-8 of mixed suits | 3 to 2

6-7-8 of same suits | 2 to 1

6-7-8 of spades | 3 to 1

7-7-7 of mixed suits | 3 to 2

7-7-7 of same suits | 2 to 1

7-7-7 of spades | 3 to 1