Lucky Ladies is an optional side bet used in the game of Blackjack.

The optional side bet is whether or not the player’s first two cards equal a total of twenty.

​​​​​​​Additional bonuses are paid if the player’s two cards equaling twenty are suited, (i.e. Ace of Clubs & Nine of Clubs) or matched, (i.e. two identical cards such as two King of Diamonds). Special bonuses are awarded if the player’s first two cards are each a Queen of Hearts (the “Lucky Ladies”) & the top prize is awarded if the player’s Queen of Hearts pair occurs at the same time the dealer has a blackjack.

The outcome of the primary blackjack bet has no bearing on the Lucky Ladies bet & Vice Versa.

A player can win on one & lose on the other.

Other than payment or loss of the optional free bet on the first two cards, there is no effect on the primary game of the blackjack & no changes in dealing procedures or player strategy.

Side betting is prohibited.

The winning payoff odds depend upon the number of decks used & are as follows:

Winning Hand


Queen of Hearts pair w/ Dealer Blackjack

Queen of Hearts pair

Matched 20

Suited 20

Any 20



1000 to 1

125 to 1

19 to 1

9 to 1

4 to 1