The shuffle machine will send three cards to the tray, one hand at a time.

The dealer will deliver the first three cards to the Player to the dealer's farthest left.


After all players have their cards the dealer will take three cards from the tray of the shuffle machine & spread the cards from left to right into the two rectangles. The cards in front of the dealer will be the "community cards."


The dealer will then burn the third card of the "community hand", which is the last remaining card outside the rectangles.


The dealer will then allow each player (starting from the dealer's farthest left) in turn, the option of reclaiming his/her first bet or to "Let it Ride". After all hands have been acted on teh dcealer will then expose the first card of the "community hand", placing it in the left rectangle on the layout. After exposing the first card the dealer will allow each player in turn the option of reclaiming their second bet or to "Let it Ride". When all players have acted on their hands for the second time the daler will expose the last "community card", placing it in the right rectangle on the layout.


One $1 chip may be wagered per hand to be eligible fore the jackpot payout.


- Bonus Qualifying Hands & Their pay table -


Royal Straight Flush (any suit) | $10,000

Straight Flush | $2,000

Four of a Kind | $100

Full House | $75

Flush | $50

Straight | $25

Three of a Kind | $8

Two Pair | $4

- Three Card Bonus Feature -


One $1 chip may be wagered; the three card bonus bet is resolved last. Only players first 3 cards can be considered. The bet is a $1 minimum bet & cannot exceed the amount of player's flat wager (spot 1, 2 or 3).

- Pay Table -


Straight Flush | 40 to 1

Three of a Kind | 20 to 1

Straight | 6 to 1

Flush | 3 to 1

Pair | 1 to 1