Day after Seahawks Games with 3 or more Touchdowns 
Promotions Kiosk

When the Seahawks score, you score! 

When Seahawks scores 3 touchdowns on a game date, 12X Multiplier will be activated the day after from 11AM to 8PM. If they score 6 or more touchdowns, 24X Multiplier will be activated. Available at the promotions kiosk. 

During the promotion, swipe your EQC Club Card at the Promotions Kiosk and tap the “Touchdown Multiplier” tile to activate your multiplier. Your play for the rest of the day will earn up to 12x to 24x points.

Guests will immediately earn 2X points, then approximately 4 hours after promotions ends they will receive the remaining of the multiplier points. $1 Bet will award guests 12 points during 12X Multiplier and 24 points during 24X multiplier. Multiplied points can be used for Free Play, Free Bet, Dining or Retail credits. Not eligible for Club Status evaluation. It is the responsibility of the guest to ensure that the Players Club card is inserted properly at the machine or presented to a dealer on table games before engaging in play. EQC is not responsible for untracked play due to player negligence or improper insertion of the Club Card. Management reserves all rights. Qualification times for multiplied points are based on the removal time of a players card from a gaming machine.



Play with your card to win $2,000 Free Play! Earn points every time you play with your card, then advance the game on Sundays and Thursdays to collect your weekly free play. 


Download or use the EQC Mobile App at least once in November to be entered into the Tap Tap Win drawing.  


Any guest who earns 500 base points on Thursdays during the promotional period can receive a free collectible t-shirt.